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Monday, June 6, 2011

So I have not done the best on keeping up on my blog.

But Hawaii was super amazing the show went great and the vibe was HIGH

The Alchameyz VISION

We will build upon the network and inspirations put in place by previous generations, allowing our experiments in communication, spiritual practice, new media, lifestyle choices, and the promulgation of Visionary Art to engage each of our Attendees into a new examination of their values. By giving each other new tools and an outlook for spiritual and mental transformation, we will begin in each other an irreversible Process that will inevitably lead to constructive reformation of our places in Society, and by being Inspired and so Transformed, our Presence will automatically enact this Vision in Others, catapulting our experience into the inner sanctum of the modern world, where it will radically shift destructive patterns into creative habits and thoughtforms.

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