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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Last Few Months of Crazy ness

Wow were do I begin Iguess we will start with Burningman and my new persuit of life..
I left on August 20th from South Florida and begun my drive my first stop was in Atlanta to say hello to the Area 51 Crew who set this years theme camp.Then my next stop was Tenn to say hi to more burners and then drive to denver.Finally I pull into Reno and prepare for BRC..
This years burn was off the chain. I camped with Area 51 and Dr.Megavolt on 5 and esplanade we set up are camp sound and I threw down a few sick sets along with Satchi om and miss Sugar Kayne.
The Burn was amazing thanks to all who rocked out with me....

After that...We spent about a week or so on the decompression tip catching up on sleep and keeping the vibe alive.Next was on to Cali where we spent a good week in SanFran getting down before we went to Earthdance where it was another weekend of bass love and music..
Since then I have been staying in Oakland and just traveled back to play art basel in Miami..This I will write a separate post for..

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