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Friday, December 24, 2010

Keeping The World Informed

Allot of changes and transitions my friends
So many things to speak of for starts

 I am happy to say that with the help of Joann Siezna and Brian Mc cardle we have rented a 2000 sq feet warehouse space ( The Altered Space) in Hallandale beach fl.We are creating a spot for artist to come and express them selves as well as chill in a wreck environment.
Stay tuned in for the future of this new spot we will be having parties and work shops as well as mediations on Tuesdays.

Also we did the Alex Grey mansion event as well as the Moksha Art Fair
both events went completely amazing some of the best art on the planet as well as a sick set by all of the artist
Satchi om , David Starfire , FTG .and yours truly
Big love to 7circuit and c.o.s.m phamily

Next week after we fly to Atlanta to be with our beautiful new friends Sugar Kayne and David Morass
They threw an amazing event with new and old freaks and friends
also was amazing time doing music with Sugar Kayne great times all around

Ok the next weekend was Santa Con
we all dressed like Santas and took the bus out to downtown fort lauderdale were we met up with another 50 or so Santas  then we strolled the bars like drunken bafoons and raged the whole town giving gifts and love to the norm... Fun Times
We all piled in the bus and did a couple of strolls down to the beach and finally made it back to the new warehouse where it was on like donkey kong
we all got down another one for the books

Mad love to everyone I am officiall typed the f out... Thanx for reading

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