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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Moving Foward

Hi all my beautiful friends and phamily sorry it has been a bit since I have updated. There has been so much amazing stuff going down lately.I will start with the Art Basel 2010.

The weekend started on Friday night with a private party at a mansion where Alex Grey released a brand new painting called the light worker.Dj Cloud started the night off music wise about 8:00 I came on around 9:00 and was followed by FTG (Helix) and then David Starfire and Satchi Om.The party seemed to be about 1/2 burners and little more than 1/2 of the rich and famous or models.Witch was great by me they had some amazing food and a whole lot of good drinks. lol
So to make a long story short we were feeling like complete rock stars.

Saturday at Moksha.. so after very very little sleep I headed over to Moksha studios to start set up for the night where there was a little kaoss at first but all came together beautifully.My first set was the P.V.M. Collaboration with me and Beatmassa witch went good considering some one plugged in the sound to a extension cord with no ground and a overloaded circuit. lol.. We finally got it fixed and we were ok.I quickly took down my gear and moved inside for my second set inside witch was the main build for the night.I prepared a Abelton Live set that was a build up for 30 minuets to start the activation.It went great and ended with a big gong and went into the Moksha Allstars...Amazing
The production was amazing and big thanks to all the beautiful people who helped...Love you Moksha Phamily

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